Big Shape floor vase - grey

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Article n° : G1669
Colli: 1 Pcs.
Couleur: Grey
Matériaux: Recycled glass
Taille: H:71 cm x L:29 cm x P:29 cm
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Description produit

Large decorative vase in a beautiful grey color. With this large glass vase made of recycled glass, you can add a nice eye-catcher to your decor. Decorate the vase with everything beautiful from nature - large branches or flowers. The vase is also a beautiful sculpture as it is. You can both use the vase in the decor of your home, but it is also great to use in your business. Put one or more together in the foyer of a theater, hotel or cinema. It will be a great first encounter when people enter your universe. If you decorate with the branches of the season, it will also be beautiful to decorate the branches with the holiday decorations of Christmas and Easter. These are just a few suggestions for the many options available with such a large, beautiful vase in recycled glass.

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Big Shape floor vase - grey



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