Old unique clay pot

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Article n° : M16640
Colli: 1 Pcs.
Couleur: Dark with patina
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Matériaux: Clay
Fonctionnalités: Original old | We recommend using an insert inside the pot or place the pot on a saucer
Taille: H:160 cm x L:80 cm x P:80 cm
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Description produit

This is a large unique clay pot with a large WOW factor. The pot is a beautiful sculpture and is also ideal to use for large plants indoors or in your orangery. With an olive or citrus tree, it will bring to mind the warmer skies. The pot is handmade and not waterproof or frost-proof. We therefore recommend that you either place a bowl in the bottom of the pot or use saucer. All pots differ greatly in size, color and design and can have small cracks and fractures. This only testifies that they had long lives before.

Old unique clay pot



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