Sharam papier-maché dish - L

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Article n° : M16559
Colli: 2 Pcs.
Couleur: Grey with patina
IMPORTANT each item is unique in colour and finish
Matériaux: Papier-maché
Taille: H:15 cm x L:33 cm x P:33 cm
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Description produit

Handmade papier-maché dish is nice and simple in its expression. The dish is only made from recycled natural materials, so they will all be unique in their color and texture. Use the dish to decorate or store dry knick-knacks. Papier-Mâché is a creative way to recycle old newspapers and magazines. The newspaper are torn to pieces and mixed with glue, after wich they are molded to figures when moist and then dried.

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Sharam papier-maché dish - L



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